Response to @Scooty38418541 on: the Offence of Christmas

By Dr Earl W. Duncan

Original Twitter thread from 17 Dec 2018:

Jesus wasn’t born on Dec 25th. There is no known date for his birth.

First, if Jesus’ date of birth is unknown, then how can you make the claim that it wasn’t on 25 Dec? Second, if you read my tweet carefully, you’d realise that I was affirming this notion — “Don’t conflate the day Christ was born with the day we celebrate his birth.” Why do you try to twist my words? Statistically, Christ was most likely born in the winter (Northern Hemisphere) of 5 or 4 B.C., according to our Western calendar. But the idea of celebrating an event on a day different to its anniversary should not sound irrational. Have you never celebrated a belated birthday? Where I live, we celebrate the “Queen’s birthday” in October (the day changes from year to year), despite the fact Queen Elizabeth II was born in April. Does this make the holiday invalid? Of course not…

The Roman’s used pagan festivals (look up Yule) The solsitices (sic) (midwinter & spring) to use as Christian dates to integrate pagans. That’s why we bring in greenery & trees. This way preceded Christianity.

This is a diversion from the subject being discussed: the wording of “Christmas” being changed to “Winter Celebration” to avoid offending Muslims (and secular activists). Yes, Christians hijacked a pagan festival to celebrate Jesus rather than the pagan gods. And good on them. You may not be a Christian, but no one is forcing you celebrate Christmas. If you don’t like Christmas, don’t celebrate it. But I bet you love getting presents and taking time off school/work – you just want to deny the real reason for Christmas.

I know no Muslim [who] wants to attack Christmas.

If they support rewording “Christmas” to anything else, they are attacking Christmas and everything this holy day stands for, and consequently Christianity, which is of course their ultimate goal. According to Muslim sources, Christians are to be fought against and subjugated (Qur’an 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, Hadith 129 36-(22)). In fact, “their highest religious duty is to slaughter unbelievers and hypocrites” (Wood 2016). Have you not seen the news about Asia Bibi the last few months? Her crime was drinking from a communal cup, thereby contaminating the cup because she was a Christian. Muslims treat Christians as though they were a disease. Not surprising since their Qur’an teaches this kind of thinking.

[Muslims] view Jesus as a prophet & a holy man.

Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet, true, but they do not believe he was holy, for holiness is a divine attribute that humans cannot obtain, as much as we might seek to be holy. If they did, then they might well celebrate Christmas too.

If people want to call midwinter, “midwinter” what is the problem?

Read my response above. If you want to celebrate the middle of winter for the sake of marking the middle of winter, so be it. But if you want to rename Christmas “midwinter” to undermine and destroy Christianity, then it is obviously a big problem. The terms “midwinter” or “Winter Celebration” is obviously a smokescreen. Why? For one reason, it only applies to half the hemisphere. If the other half the hemisphere is celebrating “Summer Celebrations” at the same time, then clearly there is nothing remotely special about the middle of winter (or summer).

Many atheists & people of many faiths enjoy Christmas without believing the way to God is through Bronze Age writings

I agree. They are most welcome to “enjoy” Christmas. (And no one is forcing them to believe – that wouldn’t be “believing” – it would be “brainwashing”.) Even Dennis Prager, who is a Jew, agrees that Christmas can and should be celebrated by all, not just Christians (PragerU 2016). But when those same people (atheists, Muslims, Jews, or other non-Christians) demand that a celebration of a religion to which they do not adhere be renamed to suit their political and (anti-)religious values, they are taking a liberty too far.


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