I am a mathematician, programmer, researcher, conference speaker, husband and father, avid board gamer, and most recently, a blogger. I live on the sunny east coast of Australia with my wife and son. By day, I work in the statistics department of a university, and by night, when I am not spending time with my family, I am researching the topics that you are reading on this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to explore important environmental, political, and theological issues of our day with the ultimate goal of unearthing the truth. I use my research and analytical skills to dissect these topics, always keeping an open mind, but never straying from the logic that always leads to the truth. For logic underpins all truth. We are born to think logically, and yet so many esteemed men and women throughout history have followed the path of fallacy rather than logic. At the very least, this has resulted in ideas that are laughably absurd, and at the worst, has resulted in atrocities that have cost humanity, our sanity, and our morality dearly. The truth is there to be discovered for those who will seek, and those who find the truth will know what true freedom means.