Response to @harleypuddy on: Marriage and Murder

By Dr Earl W. Duncan Original Twitter thread from 17 Jan to 18 Jan 2019: This Twitter thread started out by Dr Ken Ham positing the question: “How long before faithful, Bible-believing Christians are arrested in the name of hate speech for preaching God’s Word?” Persecution against Christians is on the rise in the West … More Response to @harleypuddy on: Marriage and Murder

Response to @GreenWeiner on: Abortion

A response to Twitter user “Green Weenie” (@GreenWeiner) on abortion. I review the debate I had in this Twitter thread, and point out the asinine arguments of pro-abortionists, from the redefinition of the unborn to euphemisms like “clumps of cells” to support their “pro-choice human rights”, to the bizarre belief that abortion is healthcare and safe. Original Twitter thread from 2 to 4 Jan 2019. … More Response to @GreenWeiner on: Abortion

Plastic Bag Bans

In less than a month, a ban on single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags will come into effect in Queensland, Australia. But is a ban on plastic bags really necessary, beneficial, or even moral? Is it motivated by genuine concerns for the environment or is it myopic, misfocused, and egoistic? And how do you measure its success? In this post, I explore these issues and present a list of 20 counter-arguments to the main reasons cited in favour of bag bans. … More Plastic Bag Bans